Technology Commercialization of EPSRC Research Projects

  • Ambos, Tina Claudia (Projektleitung)



    Advanced Institute of Management Research


    The commercialization of the UK science base has been a key priority for many years. However, transforming university-based research results into commercially viable products represents a major challenge. The various funding bodies act as facilitators by supporting international, inter-disciplinary and industry collaborations, which are vital for the prospering of the UK economy in many respects. One the one hand, industry needs access to world-class and innovative research; on the other, academic institutions have to build capacity and be able to interpret signals from the marketplace as well as long-term strategic research objectives.

    The above considerations have motivated us to investigate how university-research supported by the EPSRC has led to commercial results, addressing the following questions:

    1) How many EPSRC funded research projects have commercial impact?
    2) What are the factors that lead to commercially viable technology or research output?
    3) Which commercial pathways (e.g. licensing, patenting, spin-out etc.) do researchers choose to use?
    Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/09/0531/08/10


    • Wirtschaftsuniversität (Leitung)
    • Hanken School of Economics (Projektpartner*in)
    • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Projektpartner*in)
    • London Business School (Projektpartner*in)