The Possibilist 2022/2023: Mapping, understanding and reinforcing the voices of young changemakers across the globe



The Possilibist study is a large-scale project aiming at mapping, understanding and reinforcing the voices of young changemakers across the globe. The first version of the Possibilist survey was con-ducted in 2021 by an alliance of 17 organizations, the Possibilists, who work to support young social innovators in their efforts to generate positive social and environmental impact. The partner organi-zations consist of Ashoka, ChangemakerXchange, Global Changemakers, Kofi Annan Foundation / Ex-tremely Together, MasterPeace, Obama Foundation, One Young World, Peace First, Social Impact Award, Social Shifters, SOS Children’s Villages, The Diana Award, Unleash, We Are Family Foundation, Young Sustainable Impact, and Yunus & Youth.

The study is driven by the desire to better understand the lives and realities of young changemakers in and beyond the fellowships and communities of the alliance members. By doing so, it aims to identify their approaches to create impact, key challenges in doing so and main needs so to provide insights into the most suitable ways they can be supported to maximize their impact.
The specific focus of this project is related to the design, technical implementation and analysis of the second edition of the Possibilist survey in 2022/2023.
KurztitelThe Possibilist 2022/2023
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