Web-STAR: Web-mediated stakeholder relations

  • Pollach, Irene (Forscher*in)



Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien


The premier advantage of Web-mediated
communication for companies is that the content
they disseminate on their Websites is not
filtered by gatekeepers before it reaches its
audience. However, this advantage is offset by
the Web's pull nature, which implies that
corporate messages disseminated on the Web may
never reach their target audiences. Thus, it is
critical for companies to know what information
their target groups are interested in and how
likely they are to look this information up on
corporate Websites, so that they can dedicate
space to those stakeholder groups that actually
look for information on corporate Websites. To
this end, this project investigates the
readership of corporate Websites on the basis of
a survey conducted in Singapore and
Austria/Germany to shed light on whether anyone
actually reads the information disseminated on
corporate Websites and, in particular, whether
anyone reads information targeted at no specific stakeholder group.
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