Wise up to Succeed: Learning Spaces for Sustainable and Responsible Decision-Making





Objectives: What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?
This partnership addresses two current societal challenges. First, Europe is lacking entrepreneurs. This shortage is exacerbated not only by demographic change, but also by the low attractiveness of business succession. Second, Europe needs a shift in the way (prospective) business successors think and act. The project equips more than 300 participants (directly and indirectly) with the skills to make sustainable and responsible decisions, so that they become “practically wise entrepreneurs”.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?
The project offers a c-VET curriculum (2 ECVET) on responsible and sustainable decision making tailored to SMEs business successors. Its training programme focuses on know-why in decision making and promotes strategic thinking and entrepreneurial vision. The programme uses blended learning and includes individual online learning as well as local and international peer learning in workshops. The Wise Up Game embeds sustainable and responsible decision making in daily entrepreneurial practice.

Results: What project results and other outcomes do you expect your project to have?
The project will make SMEs business succession more attractive. A comprehensive training program and the Wise Up Game will equip business successors with the knowledge and skills necessary to make practically wise decisions. In this way, sustainability and responsibility become core of entrepreneurial decision-making. We aim to increase the number of business succession. Our project results can be further applied in various contexts, supporting the growth and sustainability of European SMEs.

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