Authentic Interpretations and International Courts: Like Tom and Jerry or Calvin and Hobbes?

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247AUTHENTIC INTERPRETATIONS AND INTERNATIONALCOURTS: LIKE CALVIN AND HOBBES OR TOM ANDJERRY?Monika Polzin*ABSTRACTThe paper focuses, at a legal and theoretical level, on the relationship betweeninternational courts and treaty members adopting authentic interpretations. Shouldthis relationship be like that between Calvin and Hobbes: imaginary best friends,albeit with tension and disputes regarding the applicable rules? Or should therelationship be more like that between Tom and Jerry: constantly fighting, trying tooutwit each other, and attempting to win the eternal battle as to who is thesmartest? To translate these cartoon analogies into concrete legal and theoreticalterms, the paper explores the following two questions: First, to what extent areauthentic interpretations binding on international tribunals? And, second, areauthentic interpretations a useful tool for enhancing the legitimacy of internationalcourts? The paper concludes with a proposition of the ideal relationship betweencourts and states in relation to authentic interpretations.
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FachzeitschriftTemple International and Comparative Law Journal
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2019

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