Book of Abstract of EurOMA 2015

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The 22nd International EurOMA (EurOMA, 2015) Conference was held in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, hosted by Université de Neuchâtel, from 28 June to 1 July 2015. The title of the Conference was: “Operations management for sustainable competitiveness.” This topic addresses the changing requirements during crises and economic recovery. Research should explore, in particular, in which way operations management for products and services may achieve environmental and social performance objectives while keeping businesses economically and financially sound. Against the background of these comprehensive performance dimensions, operations management indispensably needs to contribute to the innovativeness of companies in order to keep them competitive. Following the tradition of the EurOMA conferences, we sought a balance between academia and practice, manufacturing and service aspects, public sector and private sector, etc.

The call for papers for the EurOMA Conference attracted 626 abstracts. Using a double-blind review process, the 130 members of the scientific committee reviewed the abstracts and provided a timely feedback to the authors. Out of the submitted abstracts, 481 were accepted and 145 were rejected. As a result, the Scientific Programme included 380 full papers. Three papers were subsequently withdrawn, and thus there were 377 paper presentations.

EurOMA 2015 continues the tradition of a truly international conference. The five countries with the highest number of conference participants were UK (115), Switzerland (47), Sweden (42), Denmark (31) and Italy (31). Finally, delegates from all continents joined the conference, i.e., North America (22), Latin America (21), Asia (35), Africa (three) and Australia (seven).

The themes of the conference were: supply chain management (44); sustainability in operations and logistics (including social and environmental aspects) (42); innovation, product and service development (30);
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