BSF4ooRexx: From 641 GA Update to 850 Beta

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Early 2022 BSF4ooRexx 641 went GA (general available). BSF4ooRexx 641 (Java 6 and ooRexx 4.1 baseline) is an ooRexx-Java bridge camouflaging Java as ooRexx and making it easy to use any Java class library for ooRexx programmers.

In preparation for a new major version 850 (switching to Java 8 and ooRexx 5.0 baseline) 641 GA got updated internally (fixing e.g. a memory leak that surfaced in 7/24 deployments, adding a future-proof Java related garbage collecting class as well as a new analysis class for the Java-side registry) and received a few new samples to demonstrate e.g. on-the-fly compilation of Java source-code from ooRexx programs and taking immediately advantage of the generated Java class and more.

BSF4ooRexx 850 takes advantage of the new Java 8 baseline, e.g. by defining interface default methods for improving the support for Rexx exit and command handler. There are a few items that cause incompatibilities with 641 but improve and ease exploiting the infratructure considerably. Most notably the new ooRexx 5.0 direct and redirecting Rexx command handler feature is made available to Java and NetRexx programmers, but also the new SendMessageScoped()-API allowing Java and NetRexx programmers to send that message to any RexxProxy (a Java object with a boxed ooRexx object which receives the messages).
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13 Sept. 2022
Veranstaltung33rd International Rexx Symposium - Digital
Dauer: 12 Sept. 202214 Sept. 2022


Konferenz33rd International Rexx Symposium
KurztitelInternational Rexx Symposium

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