Comparing outsourcing-outlook of manufacturing firms and logistics service providers in India and DACH countries

Dhanavanth Reddy Maditati, Sebastian Kummer, Ziaul Haque Munim, Hans-Joachim Schramm

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Purpose: Literature on outsourcing or supply chain services (SCS) in the context of manufacturers is dominated by “outsourcing manufacturing processes” to third parties. This study conducts a robust literature review that renders due focus on services, other than outsourced-manufacturing. Design/methodology/approach: Adopting service-dominant (S-D) logic, supply chain services are categorized into— material-related (MS), finance-related (FS) and information or intellectual services (IS). Through a robust systematic literature search, 939 MS, 320 FS and 381 IS articles were selected for further analysis. Using Bibliometrix package in the R-software, bibliometric analysis of articles published during 2009 to 2019 is conducted to map the conceptual structures indicating trending research clusters in each of the service categories. Finally a content analysis is conducted on the articles in each cluster to collate the future research directions. Findings: The trending themes in MS category are: (1) distribution channel outsourcing, (2) pricing decisions in remanufacturing/ reverse supply chains, and (3) optimal operational/ planning decisions in closed-loop supply chains. In the FS category, (1) financial equilibrium and optimal coordination strategies in Supply Chain Financing, (2) role of financial markets and institutions in international trade, and (3) manufacturing firms’ growth and credit provision, are trending. Finally, in the IS category (1) conceptual development of cloud manufacturing (CM), (2) implementation and applications of CM and (3) industry 4.0, are trending. Research limitations/ implications: This study relies purely on SCOPUS database and extracts only three trending clusters per category, while there can be more. It purposefully excludes literature on outsourced manufacturing services. Nevertheless, it offers several insights on trending and future research directions in each of the service categories – MS, FS and IS.
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FachzeitschriftJournal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing
Frühes Online-DatumJan. 2022
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - März 2023

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