Complex Systems Modeling of Community Inclusion Currencies

Andrew Clark, Alexander Mihailov, Michael Zargham

Publikation: Working/Discussion PaperWU Working Paper

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This paper proposes a complex dynamic system subpopulation model for the construction and validation of a novel form of local complementary currency, namely the Grassroots Economics Foundation’s Community Inclusion Currency (CIC) implemented recently in Kenya. First, we highlight that CICs can act as a local liquidity-provision institutional device in poor or isolated economic regions, thereby serving as a market-based mechanism to alleviate poverty.
Second, we elicit 50 heterogeneous utility types according
to observed transactions behavior in our rich data set, i.e., via revealed – and recorded – preferences, and build a corresponding model and simulation at a meso-economic level.
HerausgeberWU Vienna University of Economics and Business
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 8 Juli 2022


ReiheWorking Paper Series / Institute for Cryptoeconomics / Interdisciplinary Research

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