Conceptualising English as a business lingua franca

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Though a popular and somewhat controversial topic in discussions
on language in IB, the notion of English as a (business) lingua franca/(B)ELF
still lacks clear conceptualisation. This paper argues that research in IB and
linguistics can be mutually complementary and supportive in conceptualising
BELF, and that it is important to separate the concept of BELF from that of
a common corporate language. The paper synthesises key works from both
disciplines to conceptualise BELF as an emergent, multilingual use of English
that adapts to the demands and resources of the specific context. It further
argues that Wenger's concept of Communities of Practice offers a useful bridge
between the disciplines, and that there is a need for more empirical research.
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FachzeitschriftEuropean Journal of International Management
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2018

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