Corporate social responsibility disclosure: a topic-based approach

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In this study, we investigate the potential differences in topic-specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure between companies located in liberal market economies (LMEs) and coordinated market economies (CMEs). We also examine the potential convergence of the reporting practices that characterise these two economies over time. We analyse a sample of 5,939 CSR reports issued by European and U.S. firms over 2008–2019. We use textual analysis to examine how explicitly such reports address specific CSR topics. Following Matten and Moon (2008), we focus on three thematic areas: ‘human resources’, ‘environmental protection’, and ‘society at large’. Each area comprises three distinct topics. Our results show that companies operating in LMEs report more explicitly on these thematic areas, with one exception: those operating in CMEs report more explicitly on parental policies. Additionally, the reporting practices of companies operating in these two types of economies converge for most of the topics under study. For the disclosure of parental leave policies, biodiversity, and waste, no distinct trend is observable.
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FachzeitschriftAccounting and Business Research
Frühes Online-Datum2022
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