Debate: Should public management research be more interdisciplinary?

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Recently, Nature (Van Noorden, 2015) published an analysis in which various research areas and sub-areas were compared with respect to their interdisciplinarity. Public administration, together with political science, did not score well in comparison with other social sciences. <...> <Read the full article on: > <...> Moving forward: Clearly a more interdisciplinary approach would help to increase the relevance of public management research. I have three recommendations for discussion: •Research funds should be allocated according to a proposal’s likelihood of solving contemporary problems, rather than by the expected theoretical contribution within a single discipline. •Career incentives and rewards in academia should not be limited to collaborations and publications within a group of closely related disciplines. •Ranking of social science journals should not be as dependent as at present on speed of citations.
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FachzeitschriftPublic Money and Management
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