Die Rolle formalisierter Bewertungsverfahren für die Trassenentscheidung im U-Bahn Planungsprozess am Beispiel der U2- Verlängerung Stadlau/Aspern

Sandra Eder

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The extension of the U2 to Stadlau/Aspern is defined by the third phase of construction of Vienna's underground railway network. It was planned in regard to the urban development in the 22nd district of Vienna. The whole planning process is examined and facts, decisions, strategies and acting persons are explained. The planning steps and build-up decisions have been based on the programme of measures, forming part of Vienna's Traffic Concept. This was integrated in the Urban Development Plan which was adopted by Vienna's Municipal Council in 1994. The Municipal Department 18 is engaged in making the plans for the underground. Everybody is aware of the importance of the underground system by ensuring mobility. But how does the planning process work and specially, how does the decision making process of the optimised location line of the U2 work? The complex urban planning process can be handled easier by using means of cost-benefit-ratios. Together with the Republic of Austria, the City Vienna finances the construction of the underground network. Each of the two parts contributes 50 percent for building costs. The extension of the U2 line will be via the Prater, the area of the football stadium and the Donaustadt Bridge into the 22nd district, to Aspernstraße. The location of the line was not agreed on rapidly. There were lots of conflicts concerning decision-making, especially for the connection with the existing lines. (...)(author's abstract)
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HerausgeberInstitut für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2006


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