Erstellung eines Marketingkonzepts für die Nutzung eines ehemaligen TEE-Triebwagens (BR VT 601)

Anuar El-Tattan

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This diploma thesis analyzes and evaluates potential utilization scenarios for a former Trans Europ Express VT 601, the flagship of the German Federal Railways from the fifties to the late eighties. The introduction of the Trans Europ Express (TEE) ushered in a new era of Intra-European passenger traffic and was the beginning of increased private and business travel mainly between the founding countries Germany, Italy, France, Suisse and the Netherlands. Because of its outstanding performance, comfort and reliability the TEE upheld its enormous popularity for more than thirty years of use before it was replaced by the Eurocity (EC) in 1987. Today, 50 years after its maiden trip, the last remaining privately held TEE VT 601 is intended to be recreated as a luxury train in a new design. For this purpose, this work investigates alternative stationary and mobile utilization scenarios and assesses them from a financial and qualitative point of view. The results show potential weaknesses of this project primarily because of the high costs involved in the restructuring process. Furthermore a recommended strategic course of action is given in order to provide the involved decision-makers with appropriate ideas of how to successfully establish a strong position in the luxury travel market. (author's abstract)
OriginalspracheDeutsch (Österreich)
HerausgeberInstitut für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2008


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