Fortifying the Blockchain: A Systematic Review and Classification of Post-Quantum Consensus Solutions for Enhanced Security and Resilience

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The inherent security and computational demands of classical consensus protocols are often presumed impervious to various forms of attack. However, quantum computing advancements present considerable threats to the assumed attack resistance of classical security strategies currently deployed within blockchain systems. Adopting consensus algorithms fortified with post-quantum security measures holds the potential to significantly enhance the privacy and security dimensions of traditional blockchains. Notable advantages of such post-quantum solutions in the context of blockchain consensus include accelerated transaction verification, clarified mining authorship, and resilience against quantum attacks. Yet, a comprehensive analysis of the implications of post-quantum solutions for blockchain consensus is notably absent in the existing scholarly discourse. This paper aims to bridge this gap by delivering a systematic review of Post-Quantum Blockchain Consensus (PQBC). The four primary contributions of this study are (i) a systematic approach to presenting a comprehensive overview of PQBC, (ii) the systematic selection and analysis of 29 key studies from an initial pool of 1192 papers, (iii) a critical review of methods, enhancements to security, scalability, trust, and privacy, as well as the evaluation employed for PQBC, and (iv) a discussion of primary gaps and prospective directions for future PQBC research.

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FachzeitschriftIEEE Access
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