Is regional science a scientific discipline? Answers from a citation based Social Network Analysis

Gunther Maier, Alexander Kaufmann, Michael Vyborny

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From its very beginnings, regional science has been open to intellectual exchange with many other scientific disciplines. This has led to cross-fertilization, but also to problems concerning the intellectual identity of regional science. After half a century of history of the field, it is time to ask the question, whether or not regional science has developed into a scientific discipline in these decades. In this paper we use cross-citation data between 464 journals in different disciplines to answer this question. With this data set we attempt to find out, how strongly regional science journals are interconnected by citations as compared to their citation links to journals in neighbouring disciplines. We find that when we consider the raw citation data, regional science becomes fragmented with its journals tied to those from economics, geography, planning, etc. When we standardize the citation information to take into account size differences between journals, however, regional science appears to form a strong and well connected dscientific discipline.


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