Leaving behind what we are not. Applying a systems thinking perspective to present unlearning as an enabler for finding the best version of the self

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In response to criticism on the concept of "unlearning", we
suggested that unlearning on an individual level should
be defined as the reduction of the influence of old
knowledge on cognitive and/or behavioural processes. In
this article, we apply a systems thinking perspective on
this definition to explore how far this kind of unlearning
can possibly go and what happens if this process is
inward-directed, i.e. affects the cognitive and behavioural
patterns that define who we are. We take a knowledge
perspective on the concept of the self and suggest that
unlearning could trigger a disequilibrium, which in turn,
enables a deep learning process and guides us to what is
referred to as ideal or best version of the self. This does
not only have implications for the individual level but
it can initiate fundamental change processes in
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FachzeitschriftJournal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2017

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