Mind the (gender) gap. Gender, Gender Role Types, and Their Effects on Objective Career Success Over Time

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Drawing on ideas by Pierre Bourdieu, this paper analyzes the effects of gender and gender role type (GRT) for objective career success (i.e., income) over time. Empirically, data from two cohorts of business school graduates were analyzed with mixed linear models. Gender and GRT, both perceived as career capital, progressively affect objective career success over time, with feminine GRT hampering objective career success for both sexes. Remaining results vary between the two cohorts: findings for the younger cohort deviate more strongly from the hypotheses derived.

Keywords: Objective Career success; Longitudinal study; Bourdieu
Seiten (von - bis)437 - 457
FachzeitschriftManagement Revue
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Nov. 2010