Really Enforceable Solution to Protect End-users Consent & Tracking Decisions

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The Advanced Data Protection Control (ADPC) is a technical specification — and a set of sociotechnical mechanisms surrounding it — that can change the current practice of Internet-based personal data protection and consenting by providing novel and standardized means for the communication of privacy and consenting data, meta-data, information, requests, preferences, and decisions. ADPC supports humans in practicing their rights to privacy and agency by giving them more human-centric control over the processing of their personal data and consent. It helps the data controllers to improve their users’ experiences and provides them with easy-to-adopt means to comply with the relevant legal and ethical requirements and expectations.
This technical report introduces the ADPC and describes the project that led to the development of the ADPC, i.e. the „Really Enforceable Solution to Protect End-user Consent & Tracking Decisions“ (RESPECTeD) project, jointly conducted by the Sustainable Computing Lab at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and the NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights. The project was led by Soheil Human and Max Schrems and was partially funded by the netidee funding program of Internet Privatstiftung Austria – Internet Foundation Austria under the grant number prj4625.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022


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