Repression of the Spanish Protest Movement - Mechanisms and Consequences

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Based on longitudinal qualitative research, the paper analyses manifestations
and mechanisms of the repression of activists of the Spanish protest
movement 15M, and effects of this repression perceived by activists. To contextualize
this, the background of the movement, its goals, and its achievements
are described. The movement started in 2011, protesting the social crisis, the
consequences of austerity policies, and corruption. It had viable effects on the
framing of the current situation, in political attitudes and also, indirectly, on the
political system. The Spanish government has responded to movement activities
with repression and with new laws that interviewees characterize as a further
restriction of the civil right to demonstrate and protest. Findings indicate that
the combination of overt and covert repression have effects far beyond the
manifest acts of the repression itself.
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FachzeitschriftNonprofit Policy Forum
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2017