Responsible Global Leadership - antecedents, decision making, and context

Publikation: AbschlussarbeitDissertation


The aim of this dissertation is to address recent quests for responsible global leadership set off by numerous corporate scandals as well as by increasing societal expectations towards business leaders to act responsibly within a global and interconnected business environment. Building on foundations provided by the fields of responsible leadership, behavioral ethics, and global leadership, three empirical studies compose this dissertation. They investigate the nascent phenomenon of responsible global leadership from various angles and methodologically follow different pathways - case survey research, policy capturing, and a simulation-based approach. Theoretically, the dissertation as one intends to shape the understanding of responsible global leadership to be influenced by context and antecedents which span across individual, situational, organizational, and environmental factors. In this respect, the three papers provide descriptive approaches showcasing the multilevel antecedents and their interactions as well as the different facets of contextual influences. Building on the importance of context in shaping responsible global leadership action, the dissertation as well seeks to underline the distinctness of the concept of responsible global leadership in view of other contemporary leadership perspectives like responsible leadership and global leadership. Empirically, the dissertation aims to provide systematic testing of the complex configurations among the multilevel antecedents of responsible global leadership, and it suggests new methodological approaches towards studying this emerging phenomenon.
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  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 März 2013