Social Ecological Economics

Clive L. Spash, Adrien Guisan, Carlotta Verita

Publikation: Beitrag in Buch/KonferenzbandBeitrag in Sammelwerk


In this chapter, Social Ecological Economics (SEE) is presented and explained as an emerging paradigm in economics. It is a rare exception in the disciplinary field of economics because of its combination of social and ecological realism. Emphasis is placed on the importance of structure and institutions to understand the social and ecological crises of capital accumulating economies. Such an approach requires broad interdisciplinary knowledge integration and firm philosophical foundation: ontological realism, epistemic relativity, judgemental rationality, structured methodological pluralism, and use of mixed methods in conducting research. SEE explores the potentialities for alternative economic systems that can exist in harmony with Nature and meet human needs within an ethical framework of respect for others, both human and non-human. Its research programme explores the mechanisms that prevent social-ecological transformation and seeks to identify counter mechanisms. In doing so it advocates researching concrete, science-based utopias of sustainable ways of living ethically and including ethical relations with non-humans. At the same time SEE requires that researchers act upon their findings and be active in the removal of institutions that spread false information.
Titel des SammelwerksEncyclopaedia of Ecological Economics
Herausgeber*innenJesús Ramos-Martín, Emilio Padilla Rosa
VerlagEdward Elgar Publishing
ISBN (elektronisch)9781802200416
ISBN (Print)9781802200409
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023