Sustainable development in the European Union - 2011 monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy

Viktoria Bolla, Aleš Capek, Markus Hametner, Dorothea Jung, Graham Lock, Mariana Popova, Iliyana Savova, Vincent Tronet

Publikation: Buch, Herausgeberschaft, BerichtBuch (Monographie)


Sustainable development is a fundamental and overarching objective of the European Union,
enshrined in the Treaty. The EU sustainable development strategy, launched by the European Council
in Gothenburg in 2001 and renewed in June 2006, aims for the continuous improvement of quality of
life for current and future generations.
The Eurostat monitoring report, based on the EU set of sustainable development indicators, provides
an objective, statistical picture of progress towards the goals and objectives of the EU sustainable
development strategy. It is published every two years and is intended to contribute to the biennial
review on the implementation of the strategy by the European Council.
The statistics cover a wide range of issues related to sustainable development, and will contribute
to raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges lying ahead. Quantitative rules applied
consistently across indicators, and visualised through weather symbols, provide a relative assessment
of whether Europe is moving in the right direction, and at a sufficient pace, given the objectives and
targets defined in the strategy. The data presented cover the period from 1990 to the latest year available
(2009/10 where possible).
VerlagOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Nov. 2011