The emergence and adoption of digitalization in the logistics and supply chain industry: an institutional perspective

David Martin Herold, Marek Cwiklicki, Kamila Pilch, Jasmin Mikl

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Purpose – Despite increasing interest in digital services and products, the <br/>emergence of digitalization in the logistics and supply chain (L&SC) industry has received little attention, in particular from organizational theorists. In response, taking an institutionalist view, the authors argue that the emergence and adoption of digitalization is a socially constructed phenomenon. <br/>Design/methodology/approach – This paper shows how actor-level frameshifts contribute to an emergence of an overarching “digitalization logic” in the L&SC industry at the field level. Building on a longitudinal analysis of field actors’ frames and logics, the authors track the development of digitalization over the last 60 years in the L&SC sector. <br/>Findings – The authors classify specific time periods by key field-configuring events, describe the relevant frameshifts in each time period and present a process that explains how and why digitalization has emerged, been adopted and manifested itself in the L&SC industry. <br/>Originality/value – The findings of the study provide insights about the evolution of a digitalization logic and thus advance the institutional view on digitalization in the L&SC industry.
FachzeitschriftJournal of Enterprise Information Management
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021

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