Tourism GDP for 2010 to 2020: New TSA Results for Greece.

Peter Hackl, Stavros Hatzimarinakis

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In many countries, early attempts in implementing TSA Tables suffer from limitations in available data. For Greece, pilot TSA Tables 1 to 6 were implemented in an EU-funded project for the reference year 2015. However, TSA Table 6 could not be implemented in all details, mainly due to limited resources of ELSTAT, the national statistical office. TSA Tables were not implemented for the years after 2015, partly due to needs for improving the TSA-related database which were revealed in the pilot project. Our paper presents methods for implementing the TSA Table 6 given only limited data on tourism
expenditures and Supply and Use Tables and provides estimates of the Tourism Direct GDP (TDGDP) for 2010 through 2020. The paper presents the methodological approach and results that show a rather pleasing picture of Greek tourism. From 2010 to 2019, TDGDP was steadily growing, increasing from 7.026 to 11.086 million Euros, an average annual growth rate of 5,20%. In this period, the Greek GDP decreased annually by 2,21% on average.
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FachzeitschriftStatistical Journal of the IAOS
Frühes Online-Datum2022
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023