Wealth Inequality and Power Imbalances: Shedding Some Heterodox Light on a Neglected Topic

Miriam Rehm, Matthias Schnetzer

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This paper argues that the cumulative causation processes between wealth and power risk leading to an escalation of wealth inequality. We confirm with new survey data for the Eurozone Piketty's conclusions that wealth is highly concentrated and that this inequality is perpetuated through dynastic wealth. This leads to an ever-concentrating ability to shape economic and political institutions. While neoclassical economics has a blind spot where power is concerned, we discuss how heterodox approaches have attempted to conceptualize this structural power which influences the framework of economic activity. Finally, we discuss three concrete channels through which the unequal distribution of private assets may affect power relations and economic activity.
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FachzeitschriftDer öffentliche Sektor - The Public Sector
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Nov. 2016