What we know about anticonsumption: An attempt to nail jelly to the wall

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Despite burgeoning academic interest in anticonsumption, a lack of definitional clarity
and overlapping constructs beleaguer the pertinent literature, preventing research in
the field from reaching its full potential. This paper aims to strengthen the foundations
for advancing knowledge in this fragmented field by (a) undertaking a thorough
systematic review of literature; (b) charting the scope of anticonsumption literature
based on network analysis and attempting to delineate overlapping areas; (c) providing
an integrated framework of anticonsumption research, including antecedents,
moderators, and consequences; and (d) suggesting a set of specific research
propositions that will enable the field to move forward. Toward these aims, we
analyzed 120 anticonsumption papers revealed in the literature review, identifying a
number of important anticonsumption‐related topics that warrant further investigation.
Moreover, we suggest a research framework which reveals antecedents, causal
sequences, and consequences of anticonsumption. Finally, a research agenda based on
this integrated framework indicates promising areas for future research.
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FachzeitschriftPsychology & Marketing
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2020