Language needs in business: myths and realities. Considérations autrichiennes et générales

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In the first part of the presentation Austria’s linguistic situation will briefly be sketched. The general overview will include the status of German and of minority languages as well as the role of ‘foreign’ languages in the education system, and diverse aspects of Austrian language policy. A survey about language needs in business, commissioned by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in 2005, will be the basis of reflections on which languages (and which language competences) will be particulary important for the Austrian economy.

Dans une deuxième partie, on réfléchira à un niveau plus général et plus théorique sur les rapports existant entre les raisons « économiques » et les autres raisons concurrentes fréquemment avancées pour promouvoir l’apprentissage des langues étrangères (c’est-à-dire, raisons culturelles, politiques, idéologiques, etc.). On discutera également les possibilités et les limites des analyses de besoins, lesquelles ne peuvent jamais être totalement objectives.

The question of “Language needs in business” should be seen together with all the other arguments produced for (and also against) plurilingualism. Business and economy can’t replace other categories of arguments; they can only reasonably complement them.
Event title6th Annual Conference of the European Federation of National Institutions for Language at Lisbon on 12 to 14 November 2008
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