The interweaving of language and decisions with a multi-lingual, multi-cultural research project

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In this paper the diversity of languages and cultures in research teams is understood as a learning potential which adds value to researchers and the research outcomes itself. Language and cultural diversity of the team members constitute influences during the entire research process. Language not only bears the discourse within the research process but also the social process. Consequently, the language-related cultural characteristics influence content-related decisions and therewith the research results substantially.
Based on their experiences as members of two multi-lingual and multi-cultural business research projects, the authors present self-reflexively generated practical knowledge of how language issues are influencing decisions in both the research and the team process. This introspective approach aims for (1) getting access to implicit knowledge about social as well as research-immanent dynamics and the relevance of language, and (2) discussing influences on outcomes of research projects. It is suggested that researchers in multi-lingual and multi-cultural research teams should reflect on different pitfalls which derive from e.g. routinized decision making, decontextualising, or simplification. Finally, implications for the planning of multilingual and multicultural research teams respectively research designs are discussed.
Keywords: research project, inter-culturality, language
Period6 Jun 20127 Jun 2012
Event titleCoBeReN Conference: Marketing Strategies: New Clusters of Consumer Behaviour
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