User segmentation, user preferences and current challenges in the Austrian electric vehicle market

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While the demand for battery electric vehicles (BEV) is growing, little empirical knowledge about BEV owners and their usage patterns exists. An analysis of current literature on the use of BEVs from different countries leads to the conclusion, that BEV users are mainly defined by their charging requirements. We address the need for a more advanced and data driven user segmentation of private households owning BEVs by using online survey data from Austria to cluster different user segments based on individual use patterns. Different variables turn out to be suitable for user segmentation. We provide an insight into the structure of BEV user segments based on a sample from Austria. In addition, we identify and illustrate individual preferences, perceived challenges and resulting opportunities in association with use and ownership of BEVs within and across different user segments.
Event titleTRA2020 Helsinki - Transport Research Arena
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