Preis für Innovative Lehre, Schwerpunkt: Gemeinsam Lehren: Innovative Kooperationen und Partnerschaften



The Data Science Lab is an interdisciplinary specialization course jointly delivered by four WU departments. It is structured around group projects, in which students solve a challenging use case provided by a real-world “customer” represented by an external industry partner. This design enables students to transfer, synthesize and apply the knowledge acquired in prior courses in a real-world setting. The industry partners contribute data sets and tools from real-world Data Science problems and students are tasked with managing the project as well as the customer interactions and developing a solution. In the process, they are supported by an interdisciplinary team of course instructors who provide feedback and guidance. Furthermore, groups are paired up with “sparring groups” (another group in the course) to share experiences and exchange ideas and feedback. The course design provides a unique experiential learning environment that typically yields front-to-end solutions that provide high business value to industry partners, which frequently opens up career opportunities to alumni.