Poverty and social exclusion of single parent households in Austria

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Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection


It is the aim of the study to analyse the situation of lone-parent households in Austria, and particulalrly the casues of their overproportional risk of being poor and/or socially excluded in this country. Based on a study from 2011, we will provde an overview of the current situation of lone-parent housholds and the development of their poverty risks since 2011. By analysing data of the EU-SILC for Austria, we are particualrly interested in examining the relative contributions of different causes (e.g. educational attainment of the parent, employment intensity, number and age of child(ren) at home, etc.) to explain their high poverty risks. Based on the results thsu achieved, we will also forward some porposals for political measures to improve the situation of lone-parent families in Austria.
Effective start/end date18/11/2018/03/21