Employment in the Austrian Nonprofit sector. Structural characteristics of paid work in third sector institutions.

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    Austrian Science Fund


    This project intends to gain empirical knowledge on the overall quantity and on main structural characteristics of employment in the Austrian nonprofit sector. Even the global data on nonprofit employment leave a number of more specific questions open, which will be investigated in this project. To give examples, these questions refer to

    - the quantity of employment and the potential of future job creation in various industries within the nonprofit sector
    - the ability of specific types of nonprofit organizations to create paid employment
    - the prevailing types of employment in the nonprofit sector, for example specific forms of work (like part time or more general 'atypical' forms of employment)
    - the composition of the nonprofit workforce, for example in terms of skill levels, education, gender, age groups, etc.
    - the relationship between unpaid (volunteer) work and paid employment in the nonprofit sector, e.g. in terms of possible substitution processes between paid and unpaid work.
    Effective start/end date1/09/0131/01/04

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