“Care about Care”- Evalu: Evaluation of the “Care Cockpit” and “Remote Care Assistance System” for home care service provision

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Austrian Research Promotion Agency


"Care about Care - C ^ C" is a cooperative European development and research project in which two ICT services will be developed with and for care organizations and their customers, and will be tested in three European countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria).

ICT-Service 1: "Care Cockpit" - An information portal is to be developed for customers of home care services and their relatives. The portal intends to provide them with targeted information about their care services, available online courses and other care-related technologies and services in the region. The development of the “Care Cockpit” will close a gap in available software solutions for care organizations.

ICT-Service 2: "Remote Care Assistance System" - AR technologies will be developed to support care workers as well as home care service users and their informal carers. Via AR glasses and an AR smartphone app users can gain access to a new form of remote advice and counselling.

C^C - Evalu:

The WU Research Institute for Economics of Aging is responsible for the co-creation concept for digital solutions, the field test designs and the coordination of the multidisciplinary evaluation of the C^C ICT-services.
Effective start/end date1/06/2130/11/23