CINEFOGO - Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe

Project Details


The CINEFOGO Network of Excellence "Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe" is part of the Sixth EU Framework Programme. The network includes 40 universities and research institutions from all parts of Europe. Totally more then 150 scholars and Ph. D students are enrolled as members of the network.

CINEFOGO is focusing on the importance of improving citizens’ participation in governance. This requires new knowledge on the importance of social and cultural diversity, active citizenship, civic participation and organised civil society - issues that have become more pressing with the on-going enlargement of Europe. A Europe characterised by growing inequality in economic and social conditions of the citizens but also increased diversity in the perception of what is meant to be the European House and in how to proceed in the process of economic, social and political integration of the European nation-states.

The overall aim of the CINEFOGO Network is to provide knowledge about the relationship between civil society, citizenship and social protection in an increasingly diversified and multicultural Europe. In this context, the Research Institute for Nonprofit Organisations is responsible for the research area “Differences in Social Participation and Civic Cultures across Europe”.
Effective start/end date1/10/051/09/09