The discourse of market economy as an indicator of globalisation and transformation. A discourse analysis of keywords of the market economy in Russia and the Czech Republic

  • Rathmayr, Renate (PI - Project head)
  • Doleschal, Ursula (Researcher)
  • Hoffmann, Edgar (Researcher)
  • Müller, Barbara (Researcher)
  • Petters, Johanna (Researcher)

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    Financing body

    Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Jubiläumsfonds)


    The goal of this study is to describe changes in public and private discourses after the introduction of market economies in Russia and the Czech Republic. This will be done in two ways:

    Firstly, we shall analyse how and to what extent “keywords” (Raymond Williams, 1976) of the Western market discourse (e.g. “market”, “quality”, “profit”, “performance”) and their conceptualisations have been adopted by the Russian/Czech economic discourse.

    Secondly, other domains such as the media as well as everyday discourse will be explored to determine how far they are influenced by the practices and concepts of the market economy and management discourses (recontextualisation).


    • Semantic and quantitative analysis of key concepts

    • Discourse analysis of selected texts

    • Interviews with native speakers and specialists in Russia and the Czech Republic
    Effective start/end date1/10/0130/06/03

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    Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

    • 605004 Cultural studies
    • 602047 Slavonic studies
    • 602048 Sociolinguistics
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