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Many business processes including interactions with clients and partners are carried out predominantly online, or at least leave a rather comprehensive digital trail. This poses new challenges for data management and storage – and new opportunities for innovative digital products and services.

ÖBB is looking proactively into structuring and cataloging their data landscape and making it accessible via a common “Data Lake”. External data sources as well as client and partner business platforms already are or will be connected with the ÖBB digital ecosystem. ÖBB owns or maintains a variety of data (e.g. operations, maintenance) that could be bundled and provided to clients, partners or third parties as digital data products. Aside from challenges arising from the data management side, there are also questions regarding the interaction design of the ÖBB digital ecosystem for both customers and employees. ÖBB aims to increase workplace digitalization and explores digital options to deal with the attendant cultural and organizational obstacles (e.g., chatbots, frontend optimization). Designing the digital experience for employees, but also for customers, also requires taking into account how expectations and mindsets are changing with the rapid spread of the so-dubbed low-touch economy.

Designing data products and services requires answering questions from a number of different perspectives, e.g. product definition, pricing, bundling, marketing, or product configuration. These questions are closely related to interface design decisions. Customer interfaces can be used to generate more insight into customer behavior, in turn feeding into improvements of the data products regarding pricing, configuration etc. Employee interfaces, especially in complex environments, need to provide guidance, structure and easy access to expert help, whether provided by (semi-)automated or human agents.
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  • 102015 Information systems
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  • 502050 Business informatics