Diversity & Inclusion across languages Insights into communicative challenges from theory and practice

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This interdisciplinary conference aims to gain insights into communication for, within and

about a diverse society. In order to do so, it will bring together researchers and practitioners

to discuss two main issues:

- how organizations communicate D&I across languages; and

- how they approach language-related issues arising within global and diverse settings.

In line with this focus, we welcome contributions on a wide variety of contexts and various

(sign) languages. Specifically, abstracts are invited for a 20-minutes presentation on any of the following, and on related topics:

- Organizational communication on D&I in CSR reports, D&I reports, websites, social

media, etc. across languages, including multimodal, semiotic and semantic aspects

- Inclusive communication in organizational environments across languages, including

multimodal and language-specific aspects

- Organizational provision for barrier-free access to communication across languages

(with particular reference to the diversity dimensions of age and disability, as well as

intersectional approaches)

- Linguistic diversity in multilingual and international organizational environments
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/04/22

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