Eco-ICE (Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy)

Project Details

Financing body

Eco-Innovation Observatory (EIO)


DG Environment of the European Commission granted a team led by Technopolis Group Brussels, including WU, Wuppertal Institute and Bio by Deloitte, to assess options for “Measuring the eco-innovation uptake and circular economy transition”. The main objective of this project is to improve and implement new approaches to guide, monitor and assess policies deployed in support to eco-innovation and the transition to a circular economy. The project improves the metrics and indicators of eco-innovation performance developed by the Eco-Innovation Observatory (EIO) and, in parallel, develop indicators for monitoring the transition to a circular economy.
WU’s research group “Sustainable Resource Use” is responsible for updating and expanding the “Eco-Innovation Scoreboard (EIS)”, a composite indicator measuring the eco-innovation performance of EU countries, as well as further developing the “Global Eco-Innovation Scoreboard (Global EIS)”. WU’s team also elaborates the Austrian Eco-Innovation country profile as well as contributes to the elaboration of a major report, which will be published at the end of the project.
Effective start/end date1/11/1431/10/16