Elena - Creating a smart space for learning

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Financing body

Commission of the European Communities


The objective of this IST Project is to demonstrate the feasibility of smart spaces for learning. Smart spaces for learning are defined as educational service mediators, which allow the consumption of heterogeneous learning services via assessment tools, learning management systems, educational (meta) repositories and live delivery systems such as video conferencing systems. The central design element of the ELENA smart space for learning is a dynamic learner profile, which includes learning history, learner specific information and learning goals. Interconnecting learning services in a smart space for learning provides an advantage for all learners by offering them the choice amongst a variety of knowledge sources. Thus it is easier for a learner to achieve his/her personal learning goals. ELENA prepares the grounds for the rise of educational service markets and new service value chains, which will allow institutions to treat the performance of educational services as a make-or-buy decision.
Effective start/end date1/09/0228/02/05

Collaborative partners

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business (lead)
  • CDI (Project partner)
  • National Center of Scientific Research Demokritos (Project partner)
  • Universität Hannover, Learning Lab Lower Saxony (L3S) (Project partner)
  • BIT Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-operation (Project partner)
  • Infonova Information Technology (Project partner)
  • Technical University of Madrid (Project partner)
  • AllWeb (Project partner)
  • Iceland Telecom (Síminn) (Project partner)
  • Institute "Jozef Stefan", Ljubljana (Project partner)
  • IMC - Information Multimedia Communication AG (Project partner)

Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

  • 102015 Information systems