English-Medium Education in Austrian Music Universities

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University of Vienna


English-medium education (EME) in Europe has soared since the turn of the millennium and with it research into various conceptualisations of teaching in English at the tertiary level in contexts that are traditionally not English-speaking, the most recent and well-developed being Dafouz and Smit’s (2016, 2020) ROAD-MAPPING framework for English-Medium Education in Multilingual University Settings (EMEMUS). Internationalisation is often cited as one of the key factors in introducing English as the medium of instruction. Yet certain areas of higher education which have a long history of attracting international students have been largely ignored by EME researchers. One such field is music education, which plays a small but extremely significant role in the Austrian higher education landscape and the country’s economy and international reputation.

This pilot project therefore aims to gain initial insights into English-medium education in Austrian music universities (EMEMUSIC). It takes a multi-method approach comprising a website analysis and interviews with a range of stakeholders (teachers, students, university management) to explore the roles of English and other languages and the implications of these for Austrian music education.
Effective start/end date22/02/2131/12/23

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