Work beyond boundaries and chances for participation

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    Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture


    Paid work is undergoing a process of transformation, with atypical employment, cooperation networks, flexible working hours and new forms of work organisation changing the face of working life. Are these developments, which are commonly subsumed under the heading of the 'dissolving boundaries of work', indicators that work is finally being freed from rigid, restrictive corsets or do they, much rather, contribute to stripping work of useful protection? Do they help to improve or do they limit employeesÂ’ opportunities for participation? It is these questions that the research project 'Work beyond boundaries and chances for participation' (EAP) deals with, focussing on the analysis - including gender aspects - of two areas of employment within the service sector: IT services (software development, multimedia) and mobile care services.
    Effective start/end date1/09/03 → 30/09/05

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    • 504027 Special sociology