"Family Insights" - Family Purchase Decisions

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It was the goal of this study to analyze purchase decision within families. The focus was on the relative roles of parents and of kids when deciding about products such as cars, holidays, mobile phones, games consoles and food products. Moreover, the sources of information and also recommendations were looked into. The empirical part of the study consists of 2.188 interviews with parents and kids, i.e. 1.094 families with at least one parent and one kid aged 6 to 14 were interviewed. Data collection was done online using different questionnaires for the parents and for the kids with an adaptation of the kids' questionnaire along their repective age. The results show that parents often involve kids in the purchase decision and these have substantial impact on the result. However, mayor differences along the product categories were detected. Kids get largely influenced by recommendations from their friends. Moreover, children from 10 years on use the internet a lot to gain product information ("digital natives").
Effective start/end date1/09/1431/08/15

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