Gender-neutral or gender-blind? On the meaning of structural barriers in SET

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Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration


Statistical data still indicate gender segregations in computer science and engineering. While women represent 54% of all students across all fields of studies in Austrian`s public universities, there are only 21,7% in technical studies. In some of these studies the percentage of women is even below 10%. The ongoing research project conducted by the authors is investigating the change potential of an Austrian University of Technology that is committed to increasing the participation of women. It is assumed, that organizations aren`t despite the long lasting presumption gender neutral but producing and reproducing gender within all areas of organizational practices. Consequently indirect inclusion and exclusion mechanisms are created leading to the fact that some selective groups are attracted and others not. In the course of this project the according structural barriers will be identified to develop context-specifically a gender and diversity inclusive concept.
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Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

  • 506009 Organisation theory
  • 504014 Gender studies
  • 504028 Sociology of technology