Mutual intelligibility within slavic languages

  • Heinz, Christof (PI - Project head)
  • Krause, Marion (Researcher)

    Project Details

    Financing body

    ERSTE Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen


    The project’s aim is to build up a corpus of spoken dialogues in several slavic languages, which serves as a basis for studying the mutual intelligibility within slavic languages. Central perspective will be on intelligibility of basic phrase-units, which are highly frequent and enable every-day communication in a foreign-language surrounding. Research will concentrate on the question, whether there are different levels of comprehensions due to the slavic languages involved and the proficiency acchieved. Another focus will be on the question, of which use the results can be for the purpose of multilingual language teaching.
    Effective start/end date1/03/0628/02/07

    Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

    • 503029 Language teaching research
    • 602047 Slavonic studies
    • 602054 Comparative linguistics