International City Tourism Conference 'Challenges in City Tourism Research and Practice'

  • Wöber, Karl (PI - Project head)

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    For the first time European Cities' Tourism will host an international conference on city tourism which will allow practitioners as well as researchers to participate and to exchange their expert knowledge. The 2002 conference will concentrate on future challenges in city tourism research and practices and will enable tourism organisations and researchers to explore innovative methods to serve the tourists of the future.

    Guided by European Cities' Tourism, which is a non-profit organisation, the conference provides a mature and serious approach towards the understanding of the rapidly evolving phenomenon of city tourism. European Cities' Tourism membership structure ensures the participation and involvement of the top industry executives. The scientific supervision of the program guarantees the high quality of the event whilst preventing its commercialisation.

    The conference will attract both the scientific and professional communities on city tourism through a comprehensive program of scientific and applied sessions. The conference will bring together participants from more than 30 countries representing the diverse sectors of travel and tourism industry, both public and private organisations. Professionals and researchers interested in the areas of environment, culture, heritage, urban development, and city tourism management are encouraged to attend in addition to:

    - National, regional and local tourism officials
    - Tour operators, travel agents, transport and hospitality professionals
    - Researchers, educators, students, consultants, writers, journalists, editors and publishers
    - Urban planners, landscape architects, architects, and land developers
    - Organizations promoting city tourism, cultural exchange and international understanding

    The scientific track of the ICTC 2002 Conference is chaired by Karl Wöber, IfTL.
    Effective start/end date19/06/0221/06/02

    Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

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