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Financing body

Austrian Science Fund


This project aims to
(1) develop a reciprocal exchange process that makes the various forms of knowledge acquisition, representation, and presentation found in the arts and in the sciences accessible to one another, and experimentally explore the translatability of each (Art and Knowledge);
(2) organize these exchange processes within a defined topic that is both historically and contemporarily relevant and which plays a challenging role in the participating arts and sciences (Other Spaces);
(3) further substantiate both of these aspects through individual artistic and scientific research processes, representing to a certain degree the “empirical” side of the research project (Exploration and Research);
(4) comprehensively reflect and document these processes (Reflection and Documentation);
(5) develop suitable artistic and scientific means of representing and implementing the results (Representation and Implementation).
Effective start/end date1/02/1131/10/15

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