Collective learning in knowledge economies - milieu or market?

  • Tödtling, Franz (PI - Project head)
  • Lehner, Patrick (Researcher)
  • Trippl, Michaela (Researcher)

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    Financing body

    Austrian Science Fund


    The aim of the proposed research is to identify the industrial location and organisational characteristics of knowledge-based clusters, differentiate these from other forms of industry concentration, and ascertain the extent to which clustering is benefitial to firm performance. The following questions will be investigated:

    • How does firm performance differ between sectors and locational settings in terms of growth indicators, productivity, innovation and new firm formation?

    • To what extent can we observe economic spill-overs as literature predicts in cluster settings?

    • To what extent is there collective learning and tacit knowledge exchange among know-ledge-based firms and science in a variety of locational settings?

    • What is the importance of 'milieu' effects for knowledge-based firms, particularly those involving institutional innovation support?
    Effective start/end date1/11/0231/10/04