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Land is increasingly recognised as a non-renewable limited natural resource that needs to be used efficiently to be able to ensure that it can provide all its functions in the future. In this context, the European Commission will issue a Communication on land as a resource in 2015. The Land Communication needs to propose a vision of where the EU should go in terms of land and soil management by 2020 and beyond, and for that purpose, a robust set of indicators is required. Moreover, the implementation of targets based on some of these indicators could be considered by the EC.
This study assesses the feasibility of setting up a suitable framework for measuring and tracking the status and progress towards a more sustainable use of land as a resource. Indicators, targets, monitoring processes and knowledge base improvement actions are discussed. The study identified and assessed possible indicators and targets to promote the multi-functionality of land and preserve its environmental functions, and to reduce the impacts of EU demand on global land degradation. Consequently, the study covers the following main aspects:
• Land take
• Land recycling
• Land degradation
• Land use functions
• Global impacts of EU demand for land-based products
Effective start/end date1/10/1330/06/14

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