The contributions of voluntary organizations in combating poverty in Austria

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    It was the aim of this project to examine the contributions of nonprofit organizations in the alleviation of poverty. Research questions included: Which measures are supplied by social nonprofit organizations in terms of poverty relief? Which populations groups are targeted by these organizations? Are there gaps in terms of poverty alleviation according to the perceptions of the actors of social nonprofit organizations?

    Methodically, the research project was based (i) on questionnaires, which were sent out electronically to members of the Austrian poverty network and the ÖKSA (which allowed for a large sample of nonprofit organizations engaged in poverty relief in this country). In addition to the questionnaires, twelve in-depth interviews have been conducted with managers of nonprofit organizations supplying measures of poverty relief throughout Austria.
    Effective start/end date1/07/0530/06/06

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    • 504003 Poverty and social exclusion
    • 504007 Empirical social research
    • 502023 NPO research